A Womb At The Inn

Here goes
May 26, 2011, 3:57 am
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So baby’s mamma (hehe) asked me at the last apt. if I was starting to grow out of my clothes yet..and I don’t think I got a chance to answer that.  I’m uncomfortably, top button undone, fitting into my jeans still.  I seriously need to start thinking about maternity clothes and all that jazz.  I need to start dedicating more time to oiling myself..the plan is to sit the vit. E oil bottle on the back of the toilet so I have to see it a few times a day and hope at least one of those times I will decide it is a good time to oil up (mostly meaning the kids around following me to the bathroom and my girl decides she needs to be oiled, too).  Good thing is though that this oil is pretty un-oily if that makes sense.  But yah, clothes..need to get to that.  Awhile back a friend got me a few pairs of XS maternity jeans..wonderful thought that was amazingly appriciated..but hehe, maybe I should be flattered that she thought I was an XS..don’t know.  But they fit tightly at the time and not a chance of it now.  Curious how I’ll grow this time.  We were talking about who/what influences baby’s growth..genes or caretaking..surely it is both but we shall see which is more since I carried similarly (weight/distribution wise) with my babies.  Hoping I don’t start getting bigger til the last few months like with my babies so I have less to worry about with explanations to the kids…and random congrats (gotten a few of those and I’m actually taking pleasure in seeing the surprise when I say, “oh thanks but it’s not mine”..hehehe).  That’s not as fun though as when my hubby says the baby isn’t his.  Have to have a humor with it :).  Another note, I was really hoping baby would bring some flexibility about what I eat..for example, with my son I was able to eat dairy which normally is horrible to me (not taste wise).  Not happening yet…went for ice cream the other day and I’m just glad I enjoyed it so much while I was eating it bc it hurt my tummy so bad later on.  And today I decided it just might be worth it to eat my cereal with a fork to drain extra milk out of the bite. 

Here is to the beginning of the growth!


12wk doc. apt.
May 24, 2011, 6:01 pm
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Met up with baby’s parents yesterday for the 12 wk apt w/the midwife and for some prenatal screening.  Started off with a nice surprise…I’ve mentioned not being able to fight past the sickness/fatigue enough to get some good meals cooked for me and the family (for the past monthish) and it was so sweet of them to bring us a nice card and gift certificates to a few places (like olive garden, yuuumm) in the area!  Super helpful and thoughtful of them!  Another nice, not so surprise, is that I got out of the pelvic exam they normally do thanks to the uncountable number of times the fertility docs were looking around in there and decided it was healthy enough for them to trust putting baby in there.  A relief to me since I was so happy to be out of the internal checkups part of this (plus the shots, did I mention that!). We ended up running a lot late with the midwife but the ultrasound dept. still made space for us (an hour late).  That was exciting for them to be able to see the change over the last few wks from little clump of cells to medium clump to little baby in there!  And what an active baby, too…was moving around almost the whole time.  Should be interesting as baby gets bigger and I’m feeling all that action in there.   Good note, the ultrasound looked normal and didn’t show any signs of down syndrome or a few other things they look for.  We wait for the blood test which should come back in a weekish but I’m not too worried about anything. 

On another note, this is going to me complicated than planned with our babies.  Our son has been drawing pictures of him in my belly and my girl has decided she has a baby in her belly.  I told a friend the other day I’m going to try to pull this off like a teenage girl hiding a pregnancy from her parents….My son is old enough to get it and so far we aren’t thinking we have to worry about him having any problems once my belly grows and all that from there on but my lil girl..might be a dif. story there.  She has become so baby crazed so we are thinking we’ll actually need to do a bit of hiding job from her so she doesn’t get excited about it.

May 20, 2011, 4:06 pm
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Feeling hopeful!  Yesterday I woke up with an unusual lack of nausea and fatigue so poured a quick bowl of cereal and employed the children as my helpers.  We spent the morning making up for the cleaning I haven’t been able to do.  So while my home still looks a bit..well, less organized/clean than I would like it has been swept, mopped, vacuumed, dishes cleaned, and some laundry is done.  I was even able to keep the nausea in check enough to power through the horrible smell (only to me) of most foods and cooked the family some dinner…baby does not care for tacos at this point.  This is a big step since I haven’t had both the energy or the ability to get past the smells to cook anything other than oatmeal or other grain based foods (smells aren’t strong).  So I’m hoping the leaf is turning and I can get back to old me again..enjoy some play with my family and we can all go back to eating home cooked meals!

11 wks
May 13, 2011, 4:23 am
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Today was a good day!  Thank goodness bc I very truly needed one.  The sun came out (and the clouds went away, a bit). and the whole family felt good (relatively).  We decided to take the kids and get out of the house for a few hours.  Went to the “kids place” as our son puts it, and had a great time with the kids.  Amazed to see how many parents ignored their children and kept their eyes on their cell instead.  Made me wonder if it was entertainment or work related business on their phone that was more important than their child in a public place/wanting to play with them.  Anyhow, it was great to get out of the house and have fun with the family.  I’ve been in a deep rut lately between nausea and fatigue.  I was telling baby’s mom how I feel like such a horrible wife/mother this past month.  Normally I’m pretty big on cooking meals for the family most days.  On his good days my hubby likes to take the kitchen but normally I take the kitchen and he takes the kids.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to cook more than two or three times this last month with how repulsive almost all food is to me.  So that means a lot of microwave/eating out/fast food for my family which none of us are all too happy about.  The other day I was able to have a few good hours in the morning and made nana bread (and the kids got to help make it so we had tons of fun with that!).   Then of course there is cleaning.  My poor husband has been trying his best to fill my shoes but..well, his feet are a bit too big. 😉  Those of you closer to me know a bit about my husband’s medical conds…he has really been kicking his own butt trying to keep the house clean while I am so flat out of energy.  I think I mentioned before how much energy this baby is taking to grow…hope it isn’t proportional to size at birth, haha.  Anyhow, all this means that the energy my hubby would normally put towards trying to deal with his body and stay sane is going towards trying to fill the spots I’m leaving empty and it’s been a bit of an ugly few weeks for us.  But oh man how I love him for being so supportive and caring.  Hah, just popped in my head how baby’s mom was wondering why it is I’ve been feeling like this.  I almost had no words.  It’s funny how different people can be.  In my head there is no wondering why I’m feeling the way I do.  Granted I didn’t feel like this with my children…I still understand that every pregnancy is different and it may just be a bit of “luck of the draw” type things.  Pregnancy will/can make you sick, tired, grumpy, and the list goes on and on.  I don’t question it or feel it needs to be questioned why from one pregnancy to another there will variation in symptoms.  But it seems baby’s mom is a bit more technical about it than that…was probably full of “why”s when she was a kid (am I right?).  Speaking of technical…we have the 12 wk apt coming up in a bit over a week.  They’ll be doing the first trimester screening for abnormalities (down syndrome, etc.) which is basically a blood draw and an ultrasound.  Looking forward to ultrasounds being external from here on out, hope they don’t let me down with that one!