A Womb At The Inn

June 17, 2011, 2:51 pm
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16wks,4 months!  Time is moving right along and in 3wks baby’s parents, both of them (yay!) will be able to meet me for the next ultrasound…see their lil baby in action and hopefully see boy/girl.  I’m not sure if I mentioned this last ultrasound but when I say “in action” I mean it.  I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy this time before I can start feeling baby moving around bc during the last ultrasound we saw baby just a moving away so I’m sure once baby does start to move I’m going to feel it all the time.  Excited for that next part of the journey..for baby’s parents to be able to feel the movement, maybe even see it later on. 

Anyhow, 16wks.  All is well.  I am the same weight as I was a month ago but I can tell that the weight is redistributing.  I think this may be the pregnancy that does my body in.  Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to stay working out afterward and build some muscle back up.  This apt. went wonderfully.  I got to see baby’s mom again which is always a good thing.  Any issues that might work up in the month between visits are always very easy to work through and seem to be a bit more of a nonissue than anything else…face time is a must with us!  🙂 She took a flight down this time, the whole time with a new body pillow for me as a carry on..sweet of her!


Bad sensations
June 7, 2011, 3:31 pm
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So yesterday after I go on about what baby likes…I get a small break from nausea, long enough to think I can eat what I want.  HAH!  I decided on fettuccine and the baby decided strongly against it.  Within a half hour it all came right back up.  And to and insult to injury, toilet water splashed up into my eyes! Obviously ruling that one out of my diet for the next year-ish.

Kids say…
June 6, 2011, 9:27 pm
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I was telling these stories to a friend today and thought it was blog worthy.  I think I already wrote about how my 4yr old son drew me a picture of him in my belly, yes, in.  Then the other day as he was going down for bed he called me back to his room to tell me that I am “the best baby in the belly maker ever”!! And yesterday we were sitting watching cartoons and out of nowhere I get “Are you making milk in your boobies?” haha. All this before the baby is actually even showing. 

On another note, I’ve been working on a balance between my wants and the (so far not so clear) wants of the baby’s parents about who/where/when of the birthing process.  Mixed thoughts about men (outside of the laboring womans husband) being in the birthing room.  Could write forever about my thoughts on birthing here but for times sake I’ll just leave it at that for now. One thing that I think I’m going to enjoy is that the midwife told me I could go home after 6hrs as long as everything is okay.  That is surely better than the 2 nights I spent with both my kids.  We are hoping to be able to get some family to cross an ocean for us (literally) to spend some time with us after the baby is born…much needed visit time and some help with the kids while I’m healing.

Baby stuff..so baby has been enjoyed a good array of home-made muffins lately.  Seems to be one of the few things baby likes.  Muffins…other grain foods are good, too, like toast, bagels and pancakes.  I’ve been a bit anti-veggies which isn’t normal for me.  Other things are day-to-day…one day greek yogurt with raspberries mixed in was wonderful so I tried it again a few days later and had to  toss it in the trash (and I hate wasting food) it tasted so bad to me. Been doing a lot of fruits and that has been going over relatively well.  I did myself out on fish n chips bc those where working well for me for a bit.  Oh, haha..last night I had several dreams about getting a shopping spree in a fine choco. shop!  Woke up almost drooling over the thought of having myself mailed some See’s candy with fruit cream middles or…oh the list goes on. Hm..I craved choco. when I was pregnant with my girl, is this a clue?  About a month and a half to go for that one though.  Speaking of food…It’s about time for me to switch to maternity clothes.  We had a little bit of a warmer day the other day and I pulled out some of my old maternity capri’s.  I only saved 2 pairs of maternity pants (both capri’s) from my kids and def. need to restock.  Today I’m wearing my pj’s through the day for comforts sake.  

Til next time~