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Growing baby
August 21, 2011, 11:25 pm
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So I’ve been a bit wrapped up lately with the birthing plan thoughts but I don’t want to neglect a few words about the baby’s changes.  I’m a little over 25wks now and baby is definitely growing stronger by the day…movements are no longer guesses between gas or baby movement.  As I mentioned before, each trimester has things that take your sleep away.  Right now one of those things is a strong healthy baby who wakes up when I go down 🙂 haha.  I remember someone telling me (when I was pregnant with one of my babies) that babies woke up when we lay down to sleep because our movement through out the day rocks the baby to sleep..once that rocking is gone baby wakes up. 

This portion of the pregnancy is a bit different from what I am used to.  I’m starting to run low on energy again (mix between pregnancy and stress I’m sure) and my body is aching much more this time around.  My poor back and feet seem to be in constant need of relief.  Haha, speaking of feet.  I’m starting to have trouble reaching my feet (and legs for shaving) which I noticed today when I went to clip my nails.  Contemplated asking my son to do the job for me :). 

Anyhow, I just wanted to do a quick update to share how active and strong baby girl has grown to be.  There has been a lot of stress around the topic of a social induction of labor lately but I’m looking forward to the possibility of a group get together with my surrogacy counselor (who also specializes in fertility issues) soon.  I’m really hoping we will all be able to leave that talk on the same page..everyone feeling less anxious about what the next few months will hold and knowing that each person involved also has the interests of the others in mind.  My goal is for everyone to  be more relaxed with the idea that pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood altogether tend to be unpredictable in nature…that however unpleasant this may seem, we all have the same ends in mind.  No one involved wants anyone else to miss this childbirth and we will do anything we can (short of putting my own health and body at more of a risk than is expected during a natural labor) to make sure this goal is met.  But another thing that I want everyone to take from the upcoming meeting is that no matter what happens (as far as who makes it to the hospital and when) the complete joy of holding a new baby in their arms will hopefully over-ride any sadness about missed moments.  Hopefully that wont be an issue but that is the nature of the beast..all we can do is prepare the best we can and have some hope.  Each childbirth is different so I do hope that the 45minutes-1hr 45minutes it’ll take me to get to the hospital will still leave us with several hours of laboring at the hospital before baby girl decides to show her lil face.  But I hope that my experience will reflect this one in that no matter what else happens along the way, once she does show her lil face nothing else will matter.


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