A Womb At The Inn

Love my hubby
August 25, 2011, 4:26 pm
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So for the past month or so my back has just been aching non-stop..my feet have been swollen and cramping, and last night I woke up with a horrible leg cramp.  Funny how it reminded me of basic training.  I had never gotten a Charlie horse before basic training but seemed to get them a few times a week (and sometimes a night) during that time.  Anyhow, to the hubby part 🙂  My ever thoughtful husband went ahead and set me up with a message with his massage therapist so I am super excited for that.  My body really needs a good working on.  I have a suspicion I may need to get on-going appointments because the back/feet/leg pain has been a lot stronger this time and effects my day-to-day a lot more this time around.  Interesting how different each pregnancy can be. 

Did I say already or not that baby has gotten strong enough to see my tummy moving when she starts to get active?  Now that my stomach is growing, and hard to miss, I went back over the topic of surrogacy with my soon-to-be 5 yr old son.  He said he already knew because we had talked about it “the last day” which was actually well before we agreed to be a surrogate..but that he didn’t want to mention to me that my belly was getting big because he thought it was a surprise.  Haha.  On the other hand, my two year old girl (who I have now been having to join in the tub to avoid water getting on the cast on her little arm) has grown fond of rubbing my belly.  She hasn’t been told there is a baby in there..and we are going to avoid that if we can since she is so young and very baby crazy right now.


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